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Send virtual hugs during this COVID-19 pandemic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a virtual hug worth? More than a thousand words and more than money can buy.

Many people are missing human touch during this pandemic. They are also missing out from the profound benefits of touch and hugs for human beings. And these benefits go both ways-that is, we benefit from both giving and receiving hugs.

Proven benefits of touch and hugs

While there is a great deal of evidence that hugs are good for us, most of us already intuitively know this. Our language may be different -it’s that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when we give or receive a hug. Even though nothing is necessarily “fixed” or changed, we do tend to feel better after a good hug.

So how many hugs are prescribed for each day? It has been suggested that hugging be part of our daily routine – our Vitamin H, as it were.

A hug may be just what you need to get through some difficult moments during this pandemic. Maybe it is what you need after a trying homeschool session. Or maybe it is after a phone call with your mom or dad and you are really missing them or are feeling worried about them. Or maybe it is what you want to give to someone who is struggling and could use some support.

Virtual hugs are the next best thing

Our physical hugs are limited to members of our household right now (and you may not always be in hugging mode after being cooped up- just sayin’). A virtual hug, then, is the next best thing for people outside your household-moms, dads, other relatives, neighbours, etc.  While obviously nothing can replace a physical hug, the love and support that triggers the desire to give a hug in the first place, can still be felt.

Enhancing the feel of a virtual hug

Want to amplify the feeling? Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Set out a clear intention.

What is it you are sending exactly? Is it love, support? How do you want the person to feel?

  • Now, remember an amazing hug you have either given or received from someone in the past.

Really delve into that memory and relive it as best you can. Where were you at the time? What were the circumstances? What were you wearing? How did it feel? Were there any scents? Textures? Try to remember as  many details as you can. This is the experience of savouring. You can savour a good cup of coffee and you can reminisce and savour a hug. What were you feeling at the time? How are you feeling now that you’re imagining it?

  • Finally, take that feeling and press send. Love transcends space. It will be felt.

Even before this pandemic, there were reports that, for Western culture at least, human touch was on the decline. People are spending more time touching their phones than the people in their lives (if research at quintessential hugging hotspots-airports -is any indication). Maybe the upside of this pandemic will be a return to more human touch and hugging. For now, anyway, most of us know someone who could use a hug, and a virtual  hug is not just better than nothing, it counts! I imagine even some of those non-huggers out there (saying hello to my sister) might be interested in receiving one.

Let’s do this. Who is the first person you are going to send a virtual hug?



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  • nancy
    Mon Apr 27 2020, 23:23
    hi to my son, daughter-in-law,lisa, and my two,sweet grand-daughters,kayla & zoe, just sending you all a great, big hug, till the day when we can visit again and have real hugs, love you all.
  • Isabella Restrepo
    Fri Jun 19 2020, 19:35
    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you... I love you...I am here for you.... Get well!!
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jun 22 2020, 08:18
  • HobbyFollower
    Wed Jul 22 2020, 12:40
    Hello people of the internet, I'm so glad u made it through these hard times. Just know that even if I or anyone else whose out there wanting to give you a hug is still having the same desire. Thanks to this website, I help you realize that UR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL , CARING AND LOVING PERSON AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS PANDEMIC TO END. THANKS FOR BEING YOU. LOVE YOU<3
  • Abhimanyu Dutta
    Mon Sep 14 2020, 23:18
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:35
      Your testing worked! Take good care, Jane
    Fri Oct 30 2020, 23:01
    I love Hugs & I'm working from, I'm a person with a physical disability and use to been hug on daily basis, I walk walk with forarm crutches & not able to shake hands with others, so everyone greets me with hugs & kisses. I'm feeling like Covid-19 has clipped my wings. So I truly believe that my workplace allows me to work from home for my safety. I've been sending virtual hugs for months 🤗 I stumbled on this sight tonight when I wanted to confirm my spelling on virtual hugs. Thank you for creating this and giving the breakdown on the benefits. I'm so missing interaction with others. I sometimes feel imprison in my home. Thanks very much virtual hug 🤗
    • JaneVock
      Fri Nov 06 2020, 08:13
      Hi T-Maria, Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Its so hard when you are used to daily hugs, and while virtual ones aren't the same, I know, they are the next best thing in terms of sentiment. Take good care.
  • Chelsea
    Fri Nov 13 2020, 14:22
    Hello, Did you get your hug??
  • Den
    Wed Nov 18 2020, 10:12
    This virtual hug is for you as you go through some stressful times. Just sorry cannot be there tomorrow to give you a real hug Love Den
  • Angela Sabetta
    Wed Nov 18 2020, 14:03
    Sending a hug! I hope you know how much I love you and miss you! I'm thinking about our last hug and kiss! Love you! Mark
  • Mom
    Tue Dec 01 2020, 15:28
    just thought you'd love this!! Mom
  • Tyler Ulery
    Thu Dec 03 2020, 09:52
    Hi to Paul C our fearless Q LOR Manager. Sending you this big hug on your special day.
  • Nancy
    Tue Dec 22 2020, 14:41
    My Dear Nancy, You are going through a terrible time now, but it has a happy ending. I'm sending you this virtual Hug and wish I was there to really hug you. I love you, and considered yourself hugged! Love, Mom
  • DonnaFaatz
    Wed Dec 23 2020, 19:25
    Donna, prayers still coming your way. Hope you are feeling better soon Love and blessings Mae
  • Braiden W
    Thu Jan 14 2021, 11:18
    Grandma I Love You I Love Your Jokes And How You Always Say That Im Your Favorite Nine Year Old Grandson (Even Though Im Your Only One!) I Love You!
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 08:44
      Oh Braiden, thanks so much for posting this beautiful loving message! Elizz