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9 Tips on how to infuse your life with (more) humour and laughter

“If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Laughter is an instant vacation. That laughter was just what the doctor ordered.”   Have you heard of these sayings? I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced about the benefits of humour and laughter.

My grandmother used to gather clippings of jokes and funny stories from the newspaper and Reader’s Digest.  At family gatherings, she could be counted on to bring them out and read them aloud to all of us. We thought it was kind of ‘corny’ at the time and gave our sideways glances to each other when she picked up the clippings. Ah, the arrogance of youth! This is now one of my fondest memories of my Grandma.

She has also rubbed off on me. The only real difference is that YouTube videos and the internet are more likely to be the source for humour now.

Lighten up

Humour is a fantastic way to not take ourselves or life too seriously. It’s great to be around people who can laugh at themselves – their quirks, mistakes, awkward moments. They are bringing more joy into the world.  That seems like such a gift to me.

We don’t have to become comedians. We just need to know how to regularly touch our ‘funny bone’. If you put out the intention to find the humour in situations and laugh more, you will find more to laugh about.

That reminds me of a cartoon I have on my fridge: A patient is sitting in an orthopedic surgeon’s office, and the surgeon is relaying his test results. “The good news”, he says, “is that we didn’t find a mean bone in your body.” Cracks me up every time.

9 Tips on bringing (more) humour and laughter into your life

  1. Ask yourself what ______ (your favourite comedian of funny character on TV) might find funny about a situation that is stressing, annoying or frustrating you?
  2. Ask yourself if you are going to laugh about this later. Make later now.
  3. Have a stash of cartoons, funny images, jokes, photos, or greeting cards that crack you up (or at least make you smile every time you look at them). Pull them out when you need a laugh. Thanks Grandma!
  4. You have heard of a ‘Happiness Jar. Make a ‘Funny Bone Jar’. Write one thing that happened in your day that made you smile/chuckle/crack up/roll on the ground laughing.
  5. Watch an episode of your favourite Sitcom or stand-up comic doing a routine.
  6. Mark as Favourites, YouTube videos about funny animals and/or babies or whatever gets you laughing every time. My personal favourite is Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin impersonations (of that guy).
  7. Share a Laugh. I know someone who routinely scours Pnterest for funny sayings and jokes and calls her mother for their ‘five minute laughathon’.
  8. Have a funny movie night. If you want to watch an old 80’s movie that most people find quite funny, check out Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  9. Go to a live comedy show. Get on the mailing list for your favourite comedy show or comedian and plan for a special night out or trip away to see them (hello New York!)

What is your favourite way to bring humour and laughter into your life?

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