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How to Care for a Caregiver

This is the story of how Ajiitha provides emotional support for her mom, a primary caregiver for her grandma, and helps her better understand Alzheimer’s disease.

May Thu, 2019

Ajiitha and her mom both provide care for Ajiitha’s grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease. Together, they have faced the challenges of finding a balance between their caregiver roles and maintaining their own close bond as mother and daughter.

In this video, Ajiitha shares the different ways that she helps to take care of her mom. Rather than resenting her mom for the lack of time they now get to spend together, Ajiitha has been her mom’s strongest supporter and shoulder to lean on. She also helped her mom better understand Alzheimer’s disease, an illness that she says usually goes unnoticed in their culture.

As Ajiitha and her mom have learned, there are many solutions to maintaining your own well-being as a caregiver. Are you feeling overwhelmed with your role as a caregiver? A Caregiver Coach may be able to help. Call us at 1-855-275-3549 for more information.

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