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Elizz Eats – The Nutcracker Parfait

The holidays are just a few weeks away and therefore now is the perfect time to make this easy Christmas parfait. These colorful parfaits are truly delightful and what’s great about this recipe is that it is very versatile. You can switch up or add other desired fruits and mix and match with different nuts or seeds.

May Thu, 2019

Harsh winter weather is a reality of life in most parts of Canada and while it’s tempting to stay home all season, particularly when the wind chill factor is in the double digits, that’s not a realistic option for anyone.

For caregivers, especially those who are caring for seniors, life can’t stop just because it’s winter in Canada. Caregivers are always on the go, whether they have to accompany the person in their care to a doctor’s appointment or an adult day program, go to work, run personal errands, or drive their children to various after-school activities.

When going outside is unavoidable, always remember to bundle up and make sure that anyone else accompanying you is dressed just as warmly. Skin tissue can be damaged when exposed to temperatures below the freezing point of the skin. In this video, we discuss the dangers of frostbite and the information that caregivers need to know on how to prevent it.

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