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An Act of Love – A Caregiver Story

When a partner or spouse is diagnosed with dementia, it can seriously test any relationship. Be encouraged by Dorette and Paul’s caregiver story.

May Thu, 2019

Through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, Dorette and Paul have many treasured memories of a very happy life together. Now that Paul has been diagnosed with dementia, Dorette has kept her promise to stay by his side as his life partner and caregiver.

Not knowing what each day will bring has proven to be challenging for Dorette but she tries to maintain a positive outlook in every situation. Above all, she draws strength from the love that she has for Paul, a “wonderful human being” who would have stayed by her side had she been the one to be diagnosed with dementia.

Dorette accepts the fact that not every aspect of life, and in turn, caregiving, can be positive. Sometimes, we have to accept the sad moments in order to better appreciate the happy ones. “If you had sunshine every day, the earth would dry up. You wouldn’t have enough water to nourish the plants and the flowers, and to provide life,” Dorette says. “So you need the rain as much as you need the sunshine, and that’s what life is.”

Whether you are a caregiver or a person living with dementia, we think you’ll agree that there is still hope – and love – after a diagnosis of dementia. Dorette and Paul are living proof of it.

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