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Partnering with Rexall to improve the lives of caregivers nationwide

Caregiving is hardest when done alone. At, we always encourage caregivers to draw on all support that is out there – from financial support in the form of tax credits, to government funded home health care, to virtual care and services, to family and friends and caregiver support groups, drawing on expert information and education, and to private pay services if there is the financial means.

At Elizz, we practice what we preach. We are always on the lookout for ways to partner with others to support caregivers. We love to work with and partner with other agencies, organizations, companies that have caregiving on their radar. As a couple of examples, we provide caregiving coaching, information and education and support to caregivers of Veterans and to employees of a larger telecommunications company in Canada.

Not to brag, but we do want to highlight a recent partnership with Rexall we are excited about. Ok, maybe we do want to brag. It is pretty cool to find a progressive company that is as committed to supporting caregivers as Elizz, and Rexall certainly does. Since 2019, the Rexall Care Network has focused its fundraising and community building efforts on what they flagged as important to both their employees and customers, and this focus, is, yes, you guessed it – caregivers.

Rexall has put its money where it mouth is, and recently donated $50,000 to the Saint Elizabeth Foundation during the launch of their new BeWell™ rewards program, including $25,000 in gift cards that will be distributed to SE Health and Elizz caregivers.

Bookmark the first Tuesday of each month

It gets even better. The Rexall Care Network aims to take care of caregivers, so they can take care of the ones they love. As part of their mission to support the caregiver community, they are proud to provide caregivers with a 20% discount on the first Tuesday of each month. The coupon can be found on Share the coupon with family and friends who may need to pick up essential items at Rexall and can benefit from the Caregiver Day offer.

I have been in Rexall countless times, and can attest to the fact that there are loads of ways to happily spend that $25.00. Sure, you can be practical and pick up toilet paper, but you can also decide it is for self-care and pick up some bath bombs, makeup or snacks for your next tv binge night.

We are proud to work with a company like Rexall to improve the lives of caregivers in our communities nationwide.

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