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Government assistance and funding for caregivers in Canada

Is there a caregiver allowance? Can I get paid to take care of mom and dad?  I can’t tell you the number of times I have been asked these questions. While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, my shoulders are broad enough to be this bearer. The only province in Canada that has such an allowance is Nova Scotia (known as The Caregiver Benefit Program). Yes, you read that right. Nova Scotia.

Before you pack your bags and your parents, and head out to this fine eastern province, check out the federal tax benefits and insurance benefits that are available to all Canadian citizens. Bookmark this page, because it’s not if, but when, you are going to need this information. Did someone say financial stress?

Federal tax credits and insurance benefits

Here are steps you can take to minimize financial stress for both you as a daughter/son and for your parent:

  • Learn about the federal government’s Compassionate Care Benefit (CCB) program. Employment Insurance benefits and job protection are provided to eligible family members for up to twenty-eight weeks while caring for someone.
  • Claim the Canada Caregiver Credit when you file your income tax.
  • Consider an application for the Disability Tax Credit. A person with a “severe and prolonged” impairment in physical or mental function may claim the disability amount once they are eligible. Caregivers of dependents or spouses/common law partners may be eligible to have the disability tax credit amount transferred to their own tax return.
  • Reach out to the local constituency office of your provincial government (MPP, MNA or MLA) or federal Member of Parliament (MP) for the most up–to-date provincial and federal assistance available to you (the staff will also guide you and help you with applications, if needed).

Additional programs and funding

If your parent requires special equipment or assistive devices such as a wheelchair or walker, the following programs can help:

  • The Home & Vehicle Modification Program is funded by the Government of Ontario and administered by March of Dimes Canada to help Ontarians whose mobility and daily living activities are substantially restricted by an injury, birth defect, or long-term illness. If you live in British Columbia, PEI, Quebec, or Manitoba, click here to learn about similar programs available to you.
  • For more than 50 years, the Canadian Red Cross has been offering the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP). This program is available to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Yukon.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Assistive Devices Program provides financial assistance to purchase medical equipment and supplies for those who qualify.
  • Ceridian Cares provides grants for not only assistive devices, but also clothing and footwear, food and basic household needs, and personal development and recreation to those who qualify.
  • I also recommend contacting national disease/illness-specific organizations (such as Muscular Dystrophy Canada, The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis [ALS] Canada) for funding that they may provide.
  • Individual or local branches of national charitable organizations may provide funding for assistive devices. You can use the national websites to access the contact information for local clubs. Each club or local branch may have different offerings and application processes.

Government and charitable organization programs often change and evolve. It is a good idea to regularly check the above websites for the latest in financial assistance and support.

Bookmark this page. I would bet money you are going to need it at some point!

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  • Jennifer Horton
    Fri Jun 14 2019, 00:41
    I'm caring for my brother who is quadriplegic, and I was wondering do I qualify for funding for caring for him.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Dec 01 2020, 08:28
      Hi Jennifer,Unless your brother has some funding for a caregiver, there isn't a caregiving allowance or pension in Ontario, sorry to report.Take good care, Jane
  • Mary Sicoli
    Wed Jul 17 2019, 21:31
    I live and care for my mom but she does not support me financially so I have to work at least part-time. Is there any program that could help me financially part-time so I can spend more time and have the flexibility to bring her to her appts? Mary
  • Susan Trevino
    Fri Jul 26 2019, 13:12
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  • Dana Colosimo
    Fri Sep 06 2019, 17:50
    I am caring for my elderly 90 yr old mother. She is currently living with me. Even though I am not well from a car accident and apparently did not qualify for disability pension plan :( and could not work for the last 10 years, I now have my mom staying with me after coming out of the hospital. Would I qualify for any type of income that can help me out ??????? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,
  • Terry Bruley
    Sun Sep 15 2019, 22:53
    Hi --i live in Thunder Bay Ontario and take care of my wife as it is quite a job as she has deminia and really not sure when she will be going in long term care ---this ilness of her/s ( Joyce Bruley started last nov ) and what im asking you is there any kind of a goverment grant that i could possibly get for taking care of her ? As i have to dress her --cook and the list goes on and on ---Thanks Terry Bruley
  • Jennifer Burston
    Sat Oct 05 2019, 01:33
    Hey my auntie is caring for my grandmother who recently had a stroke. My auntie is having to quit her job as my grandmother still needs around the clock care. Is there anything that she can do to be able to get extra funds for daily living. Is there a way she can become homecare to my grandmother? Are there other services that we can look into to be able to help financially?
  • Linda Annett
    Tue Oct 15 2019, 02:20
    I have a sister in LTC community care in a secured area because she has Alzheimers and M.S. I need someone to help me with dressing her when we are swimming as I have a disability and can no longer help her.
  • shawna bigelow
    Thu Oct 24 2019, 18:06
    Hi I am going to my mothers 2 times a week so she can stay in her house and my sister goes the other 2 days and in between there are care workers. The problem is I don't get any gas money or anything to watch my mother when I do even have a job myself .is it wrong to get money for my gas ect for watching my mother .thanks
  • Susan crago
    Tue Dec 31 2019, 14:41
    Thank you for this info. I'm caring for my father and was glad for some help.
  • Attilio
    Fri Jan 17 2020, 06:20
    Wondering how I can be stay at home dad and raise my kids. They have mytonic dystrophy and other problems with it. I’m full time 100% kids 24/7
  • douglas anderson
    Fri Jan 24 2020, 16:05
    I am presently looking after my 85 year old pakensons mother.i am 52. and unemployed.
  • Tianna
    Thu Feb 20 2020, 15:36
    Hey so my family is having a hard time and ive been trying to find a way to help them and then i heard about this program so i was able to get help from you guys
  • Lin Lunn
    Wed Apr 01 2020, 13:57
    My son is a support worker, who has a challenged person living in his home with. His recently broke up wuth his girl friend ( they did not live common law). She has just had a baby. Because the money he receives from government is tax free can she go after this money fir child support?
  • Lise Gagnon
    Mon Apr 20 2020, 08:55
    I am the one who take care of my mom pay her bills drive her everywhere do her housework my mom cant drive she has epilepsy.
  • Sandra Currah
    Fri Jun 05 2020, 09:39
    My mother is 84 yrs old i live with her to take care of her. In the last few months she can not walk do to arthritis in her feet and legs she also has vertigo which throws her off balance and can fall at anytime which she has already done. I do everything for her cause she cant walk or stand very well very shaky. I dont want to leave her alone anymore its to risky. Am i eligible to get any money while i stay home to care for her and how do i go about applying for it. Please help dont know what to do and cannot leave her alone.
    • JaneVock
      Thu Jun 11 2020, 08:58
      Hi Sandra,There is only one province-Nova Scotia-which has a caregiver benefit. It sounds like you could use some help in the home. You may want to consider exploring this home healthcare option. You can all 211 to find out what number to call.
  • Corie fitterer
    Sun Jun 28 2020, 21:18
    Hi I have been looking after my mother. For a while. She lately as been having remembering probably. Plus by brother just been diagnosed with liver cancer they are we are all in the same home. I have some heath problem myself . But I'm still able to get around and do shopping and other chores. But now I'm having to drive my brother out of town to his appointment in kalona. I'm not sure what I'm asking but all these tasks are hard on me I'm just wondering what is available that would help my situation thank you
    • JaneVock
      Tue Aug 25 2020, 13:43
      I am sorry, I do not know what is available in Kalona as it is is the United States.
    Wed Jul 01 2020, 19:52
    hi my name is kim i am on disibility for alot of reasons, my question is my mom has terminal cancer and lives with me how can i go about getting financial help??
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jul 06 2020, 10:02
      I don't think there is any direct financial assistance available to you as a caregiver. The financial help really only comes with tax breaks (with the exception of Nova Scotia, which has a caregiver's pension).
  • Ronn ottesen
    Mon Jul 06 2020, 12:40
    I am staying with my eldery mother who is 85 and showing signs of dementia, she can not he alone anymore , so I'm here to help her , I am on disability myself , would there be any goverment finacial help for this situation .
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jul 10 2020, 08:16
      Aside from the tax credits, i am sorry to report that there isn't any further assistance.
  • Donna Frost
    Tue Jul 07 2020, 12:58
    My daughter in law 34 yrs old has leukemia she has multiple organ issues and has had bone marrow transplants one her body rejected and we are currently waiting to see if the 2 one will work. If not my son will need to be home to care for her and their son and will require financial help. Can you suggest where to start looking . Thank you Donna
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jul 10 2020, 08:15
      Hi Donna,If your son is working, he may be eligible for the Compassionate Care Benefit. We have an article on Elizz about this benefit. Your daughter in law should also be eligible for a disability pension. I would start by talking to both your local MP and local MPP's constituency office and they should be able to even help with applications. This sounds like a really difficult situation. Please do take good care.
  • Mark underwood
    Thu Jul 09 2020, 17:57
    If i am on disability,and taking care of my mother who is terminally ill;am I eligible to receive any funding?
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jul 10 2020, 08:09
      Hi Mark,Aside from the tax credits, I am sorry but there is no funding for taking care of someone who is terminally ill. Take care.
  • Sandra Knight
    Wed Aug 12 2020, 11:28
    Hello my name is Sandra Knight I have an 85 year old mom who I live with. I wanted to know if I was eligible for any kind of benefits. I do take care of my mother 24/7 and I help with everything on a day to day basis. - Sandra Knight
    • JaneVock
      Tue Aug 25 2020, 13:34
      Tax credits are really the only kind of financial assistance available at this time (unless you live in Nova Scotia, which is the only province with a monthly caregiver benefit, to date).
  • Connie Ruffolo
    Wed Aug 12 2020, 17:23
    I’m on ODSP myself but my mom has bi-polar illness and needs my help full time. Unfortunately it’s so expensive to travel to her and extra expenses Can I get Fincial hell?
    • JaneVock
      Tue Aug 25 2020, 13:33
      Currently, only tax credits are available.
  • JaneVock
    Tue Aug 25 2020, 13:31
    At present, there are only the tax credits. Sorry to have to report this back to you!
  • JaneVock
    Tue Aug 25 2020, 13:36
    I would contact your local government funded home care services and ask for an OT or PT to assess you for a walker. If you are eligible, they will file an application for financial assistance to pay for this walker.
  • Paulette McKay
    Tue Aug 25 2020, 19:27
    My mother retired from her School Board job in Alberta to take care of my dad who was diagnosed with dementia. They moved to Saskatchewan 2 years ago. Can she apply for the Caretaker's benefit? How can I help her do this. They are really struggling since she retired. Sincerely Paulette McKay-Green
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 15:05
      Hi Paulette,The tax credits listed in the article are federal, so it doesn't matter whether living in Alberta or Saskatchewan.Thanks for the inquiry. Take good care, Jane
  • Arden Pritchard
    Wed Aug 26 2020, 01:13
    I am looking after my wife who is bedridden for 2.5 years now.She can't walk so I do everything for her.I was wondering if there is any financial aid to help with the extra expence.My wife is 78 and I'm 77.Don't want to put her in a nursing home I feel I can look after her better myself.A nursing home is the last stop and a lot of them don't have very good reputations.We have home care for two hours in the morning and one hour in the evening the rest of the time it's up to me which I don't mind but with all the extra's money is very tight.Sure hope I can get some financial help.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 15:04
      Hi Arden,I am sorry to report that I don't think there is additional financial help beyond the tax credits listed in the article. I would consider checking with the federal government/Service Canada to be sure that both you and your wife are getting all you are entitled to.Take good care, Jane
  • Brenda McKay
    Sat Sep 05 2020, 11:15
    Thank you for this helpful information. I am about to bring my disabled, from a broken neck, brother to my home. Overwhelmed is what I feel right now.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:58
      Hi Brenda,When I read your response, I was so moved by your decision to care for your brother in your home. And I can well imagine that you are feeling overwhelmed. It can be especially daunting at the front end of caregiving. I wish you all the best! Take good care, Jane
  • Glenda
    Sat Sep 05 2020, 22:00
    My husband has his leg amputed, on kidney dyalasis, has difibulator. I am his wife, his only caregiver, therefore I can't work outside the home due to his disabilities. Can I get paid and or get funding to care for him? We have to travel 3 times a week for his dyalasis.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:50
      Hi Glenda,There isn't a monthly caregiver benefit or pension if that is what you are thinking of (unless you live in Nova Scotia). You may be eligible for tax credits. Because I would need many more details to be able to determine if there is any other assistance available, I suggest you ask the staff about this where your husband receive dialysis. You may also want to contact the Kidney Foundation.
  • Christopher Moses
    Sun Sep 13 2020, 04:25
    hi ive been taking care of or caregiving for my friend since 2013. Ever since he got a doctors note stating he requires 24 hour care and monitoring. Now keep in mind he isn't the type of person that wouod have just anybody looking after him as he's been taken by other people (trust issues) most of his life. Since I've met him he had asked that I take care of him as he's most trusting of me. Also I had promised his mother that I would most definitely take care of him. Thats a promise I would very much like to keep. While I've been doing this all these years I've not even once asked if there was any form of benifets I couod utilize until now. My question is this, if any benifet within the government funding is there any benifets i could be issued ? If so what and how do I go about applying for this ? Please get back to me as soon as you can i appreciate any thing you may have to offer regarding my situation. Ive not worked throughout all this as I am also on a medical disability. Thank you for your time and consideration
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:22
      Unfortunately, there is just the tax credits available. Does your friend have any source of income? Perhaps you could receive some of this income to help with your caregiving?
  • Sue Stringer
    Mon Sep 14 2020, 20:15
    Hi I have been staying at home to look after both my parents there both 88 yrs old my mom is not stable on her feet and has asthma and bronchitis and heart problems my dad has just gotten over bladder and prostate cancer and has had 2 strokes in the past 1 1/2 yrs lost the sight in his right eye with first stroke and last stroke has effected his thinking process he has a hard time walking and moving and has had 2 heart attacks but i would like to keep him at home is there any financial help i can get while taking them to doctor apts looking after them and the house Thanks Sue
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:40
      Hi Sue. The primary forms of help are tax credits. Unless you live in Nova Scotia, there is no caregiver monthly benefit or pension. There may be some provincial homecare services to help you. I am not sure which province you are living in.
  • Jason Philp Sidney Raven
    Thu Sep 17 2020, 14:55
    My wife Dianne Ginter has just come home from hospital after having a seizure and now needs constant care. i am on disability and we have 3 kids under age of 18. we are struggling with money. looking for help please.
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:26
      The best thing is to talk to your disability worker Jason about this. Perhaps you wife should also be receiving a disability pension.
  • Lorraine west
    Sun Sep 20 2020, 04:02
    My father has recently lost his partner he is a alcoholic. I vany mot bet him k . He is 77 yrs old. He is incapable of cooking or cleaning taking care of himself I have moved into the apartment . How do i apply to help with money to help cover my cost of living as they ha e hone up for me .What programs cam we aply for my dad and i
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:38
      Hi Lorraine,I would need many more details in order to assist you properly. Generally speaking, there aren't caregiver monthly benefits or pensions (exception is in the province of Nova Scotia). I don't know enough about your situation to know if you are eligible for social assistance. And I am not sure what your dad is currently receiving on a monthly basis.
  • Duane Strom
    Mon Sep 21 2020, 12:07
    Hello, how are you? I am Duane from Regina Saskatchewan. I was just wondering if you know if there would be help for me looking after my 92 Year old mother. It is hard for me to have a job and look after her as well, I do not want to put her in a home, for she doesn't have much for money to afford that. Please let me know what you think I can do in this case, it would be very much appreciated. Thankyou, Duane.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:31
      Hi there Duane,If you are thinking about some kind of monthly benefit or pension for you as a caregiver, unfortunately such a thing isn't available in Saskatchewan (Nova Scotia is the only province with this kind of benefit). The only financial assistance available is through tax credits. I feel for you Duane. it is hard to have a job and look after someone like your 92 year old mother. If something comes available, I will let you know.Take good care, Jane
  • Liza Chomos
    Mon Sep 21 2020, 17:30
    how do I apply for being a caregiver in Lethbridge Alberta Canada
    • JaneVock
      Tue Sep 29 2020, 11:27
      Hi Liza,I am not sure I understand your question. How do you apply for financial assistance do you mean? I would need more details. Thanks, Jane
  • Noah Bellows
    Wed Sep 30 2020, 21:35
    My girlfriends mother (42) had a stroke about 10 months ago and has been unable to work since. Recently (last week) it was found that she has a brain tumour and requires 24 hour home care for the foreseeable future.. At least a few months. The only person available to take care of her is her husband (44) who will not be able to work while home with her, thus they will have no income. They have no savings or anyone who can afford to support them. They live in Gatineau in Quebec. I've inquired as to how much money they would need to stay afloat, including her prescribed medication and it would be $2500-$3000 a month. I wonder if there are any federal or provincial financial support systems in place for circumstances such as this. Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for your time, Noah Bellows
    • JaneVock
      Mon Oct 05 2020, 09:05
      Hi Noah,It may be that your girlfriend's mother will be eligible for a provincial disability pension, and if she was employed before her stroke, may also be eligible for a Canada Pension Plan Disability pension. You can check with the local Minister of Provincial Parliament's office (MPP) and Member of Parliament (MP) for the federal one. It sounds like quite a difficult situation. There should be some financial assistance available.Take good care, Jane
  • donna ruth
    Mon Oct 05 2020, 18:24
    is there any financial help for either myself or my mother. she is 86, lightly disabaled and lives on her own property. i live on the property in a modular home within a hundred feet and am retired. my income is under 20 a yr hers a bit higher. i do most of the work on the property and any care she needs.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Oct 20 2020, 12:24
      Hi Donna,Aside from tax benefits, I don't think there is any further financial assistance available for you or your mother given what you reported about your respective incomes. Sorry to have to report this not great news!Take good care, Jane
  • Jason Polley
    Tue Oct 13 2020, 15:27
    I would like to approve for there c e r b benifits
    • JaneVock
      Thu Oct 15 2020, 12:18
      Hi Jason,Here is Service Canada number to call about CERB benefits, and recent changes the federal government has made. The fastest way for you to apply for the CERB is to call 1-800-959-2019 (opens up phone application)1-800-959-2019 or 1-800-959-2041 (opens up phone application)1-800-959-2041. If you 'Forgot your user ID' you will need your: Social Insurance Number (SIN) date of birth.
  • Kyla Leishman
    Sun Oct 18 2020, 23:55
    My husband has cancer and is receiving chemo and take many other medications. He can not shower or dress himself or prepare his own meals. He has fallen over a couple of times and can not he left on his own. And obviously isn't able to drive. We live in B.C. We need to supplement our income but how can I go out to work when he needs my care?
    • JaneVock
      Tue Oct 20 2020, 12:20
      Hi Kyla,That is quite a difficult situation you are in and the financial stress just makes it all the more difficult. My suggestion is to connect with Family Caregivers of British Columbia. They will be able to tell you what is available, if anything, to assist with your financial situation and what is available for care in the home as well. Their Toll-Free Caregiver Support Line: 1-877-520-3267 Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 7:00 pm. It sounds like you could also use some support as a caregiver!Take good care, Jane
  • Susan
    Sat Oct 24 2020, 19:35
    My spouse been caring for me the last 4 years i am on ODSP i am certify disable. This year she did not work due to covid 19 and me being high risk. I have several illness she helps me with all my daily needs. Is there something for her to claim for all the care giving she does for me. and the lost of work this year.Thank you Susan
    • JaneVock
      Mon Oct 26 2020, 13:37
      Hi Susan,You can talk to your ODSP workers about this...your spouse may be able to be included in your monthly disability pension. I am also wondering whether she can collect Employment Insurance. It is probably worth checking this out. Good luck and the all the best to you!
  • what benefit can I apply for mental illness disability fund to help with bills.
    Sun Nov 08 2020, 04:01
    Hi What benefit can I apply for with a disability illlness disorder and mental ill.?
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:20
      If you are in Ontario, you can apply for the Ontario Disability Support Program, at province has similar type disability programs.Take good care, Jane
  • shams afroz
    Fri Nov 20 2020, 00:55
    I shams afroz 67 and my wife 62, are taking care of my son (on ODSP) plus mother-in-law,Father-in-law plus his four grandchildren (their father died in cancer in 2011, mother of children was divorced in couple of years before ) . Father in law paying me , rent 1150 plus grocery 450 ,utility 120, and only 100 dollar to my wife for taking care all of the 9 members including from more than 4 years. We are tired. Life is very tough damaging other areas and under depression. .More details can be given in detail . Some of the members left as a result of our tiredness. Is 100 dollar is quite enough for caregiving ,I have no idea how much govt. paying to in-laws.
  • Sandra Tulshi
    Sun Nov 22 2020, 00:57
    Hello can I get some compensation for helping out my senior mother living alone. Buying and delivering medications, groceries and cooking etc.Thanks Sandra Tulshi 416 890 7393
    • JaneVock
      Mon Nov 23 2020, 16:23
      Hi Sandra,The only help currently available are tax credits that are set out in the article. Thanks for the inquiry, Jane
    • JaneVock
      Tue Dec 01 2020, 08:25
      Hi Sandra,There is no compensation for helping out this way, sorry to report. Aside from tax benefits, there is no financial compensation for caregivers in Ontario.Take good care, Jane
  • Robert Windsor
    Sun Nov 29 2020, 16:25
    I have moved from Alberta to Ontario to care for my elderly mother. Is there any type of funding I would qualify for? I have no income at this time. Thank you Robert Windsor
    • JaneVock
      Mon Nov 30 2020, 09:33
      Hi Robert,You might be eligible for Ontario Works. Check out this website, which is where you also apply online. care, Jane
    • JaneVock
      Tue Dec 01 2020, 08:21
      There is no income available for the caregiving. You can see if you are eligible for Ontario Works, at this site: good care, Jane
  • Connie Harms
    Sun Dec 27 2020, 17:43
    I am looking for contact information for subsidy advice. We are building a small cottage on our property to house my aging parents so they can be near to us and "age at home". Several contractors have mentioned that the government offers some financial aid in cases like ours. Can you help me?
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:14,This%20program%20exclusively%20serves%20homeowners.
    Sun Jan 03 2021, 05:10
    My wife Debbra Roloson has kidney failure for over the last five years, since then she has been in and out of hospitals many times. re colon , heart, her legs do not work properly, hard for her to get up and down, I help her with everything, Three times a week I drive her to hospital and pick her up after dialis plus all the drives to Hamilton for operation and follow up visits. I am a senior and Im wondering if there is help for us finanially . I also look after my 11 year old grand son, cooking cleaning etc. which we have full custody of. we do get gis and old age, my wife will turn 65 this June. This all is becoming very hard on me and my income just dosnt go that far. Is there any help.
    • JaneVock
      Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:08
      Hi there,To say your plate is full is an understatement. Aside from tax credits, and the OAS and GIS, and CPP if you are eligible, I am wondering if you receive the child tax credit for your grandson. That may be an avenue to explore.Take good care, Jane
  • Samira Naboulsi
    Mon Jan 04 2021, 10:50
    Hello I need information about benefits for someone taking care of an old age person who can’t take care of themselves. The caregiver is unable to get a job. One income these days isn’t enough. There should be an income for the person who’s taking care of a loved one . We don’t want to put our mom in a home. It’s cheaper for the government to help by helping the caregivers with some type of income. Thank you 😊
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 09:30
      Hi Samira,In addition to what is referred to in the article, there are also some tax benefits. You may want to read more about these at: couldn't agree more-that there should be an income for caregivers, who are currently performing this unpaid work. Unfortunately, this is not available at this time.Take good care, Jane
  • Jo-Anne Deal
    Wed Jan 06 2021, 13:18
    I have been caring for my mother-in-law who lives with my husband and I for the past 11 years and she has a severe eye disease as well as mobility problems. I can only work 4 hours a day as I have to care for her, cook her meals, clean her rooms, shop for her, take her to all medical appointments and help with hygiene. I was told recently that I may qualify for some sort of benefit as I can only work half days to care for her.Can you please help with any of this.Thanking you Jo-Anne Deal
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 09:25
      There currently isn't any caregiver benefit for the important unpaid work you are doing Jo-Anne. As indicated in the article, it is pretty much just tax benefits at this moment in time. Sorry I can't report better news!Take good care, Jane
  • Catherine Fournier
    Mon Jan 11 2021, 15:56
    Was told by pharmacist there is program that will pay for the ensure,boost protein powder. This is for elderly father that has ALS. However pharmacist did not know name of program.
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 09:23
      Hi Catherine,If you live in Ontario, the Ontario Drug Benefit will cover the cost, if your father's doctor prescribes it. See: outside Ontario, I would ask your local healthcare provider for public funded services, how these meal replacements can be covered. Sometimes the local Cancer Society offers free meal replacements (depending on their available supplies).Good luck!
  • Elaine Gibbons
    Wed Jan 13 2021, 01:50
    I'm wondering if there is any funding available for my 92 year old Dad he is disabled and needs help with very chronic lymphodema I his leg due to a stroke. He is a pensioner and i am his sole care giver. I am 70 and also a pensioner..he requires pressure stockings and an apparatus to help him put them on. Both are very expensive. Thank you for your time.
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 09:08
      Hi there,I think the tax credits are the main source of financial help for you. The pressure stockings would also be considered a medical expense, when it comes time to file income tax. If your dad also has public funded services, you could ask the Case Manager if there is any local financial assitance available.Sorry there isn't more help out there.Take good care, Jane
  • Kelly kaip
    Thu Jan 14 2021, 17:50
    I /we live in Baynes lake area and have found myself having to take care of my Father full time basis ...with no support ..emotional or financially .I have no medical or dental and not putting into my Canada Pension plan ..they consider my father ok to live at home at risk but he can not drive an more cant get his own wood let alone feed him self ,,, please give any advise or suggestions would be helpful Heather Kaip 780-832-2016and with covid a placement home is not an option
    • JaneVock
      Fri Jan 15 2021, 08:50
      Hi Heather,I am wondering whether your father is eligible for any publicly funded services. I would suggest you call the B.C. Caregiving Support Line: toll-free support line at 1-877-520-3267, Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 7pm. FCBC staff are experienced in dealing with caregiver situations. They take time to listen to you and are then able to offer help with:Information and referral to resources Healthcare navigation Emotional support Access to support groups Access to webinars, articles and resources specific to your needsTake good care, Jane
  • Tim Duggan
    Sat Jan 30 2021, 15:06
    I am caring for a friend from church. She is like a mother to me and she says I am like her son. She is 79 years old and has had four operations on her left hip. She can only get around with a walker. I live with her and take care of her and I am unable to work because I have to look after my friend. Is there any kind of funding or support that I can get to help me pay my bills so that I can continue to look after my friend
    • JaneVock
      Tue Feb 16 2021, 10:28
      Hi Tim,Unfortunately there is no caregiver pension which can help with paying your bills. The only assistance is really through tax credits, highlighted in the article. Sorry I don't have better news for you.Jane
  • Sylvia Post
    Mon Feb 08 2021, 18:15
    I wish to inquire on how to get help to take care of my mom. I took her out of a care home because of all the pathetic and desusting rule of so called covid, now I am told there i a program that CAN help me get money so I can hire people to help with the care of my mom
    • JaneVock
      Tue Feb 16 2021, 10:25
      The first thing to do Sylvia is to get in touch with your local health authority, called LHINs in Ontario. You should be able to find out what is available to help your mom through a doctor's referral to the LHIN (or provincial equivalent). My suggestion, then, is to first call your mom's physician.All the best to you, Jane
  • Cory Smith
    Tue Feb 09 2021, 09:46
    Hello, my name is Cory Smith, I have been taking care of both my parents for quite some time, you can make it hard for me to work, but I have no problems helping them with the extra help they need. They are both elderly and both disabled, my father had a head injury which is caused dementia to set in, and has Parkinson's setting in. Well my mother has spina bifida and scoliosis. I've been here with them for a little while taking care of them helping them with suppers and cleaning and laundry and bringing in firewood piling wood, getting the mail, mowing, shoveling. It can't make it hard for me to get work and have full-time work oh, I was just wondering if there was an income that I could be making taking care of them? Thank you for your time.
    • JaneVock
      Tue Feb 16 2021, 10:22
      Hi there Cory,Aside from the assistance cited in the article you read, there is no specific income you can make for taking care of your parents. Sorry, only tax credits!Jane
  • Angela Macneil
    Tue Feb 09 2021, 12:34
    Just wanted information for finding i have ms .fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and heart defeatAnd some disabilities after my stroke just wanting some information of whats available for me .
    • JaneVock
      Thu Apr 08 2021, 09:05
      Hi there Angela,I would need more information about where you are located to be able to direct you further. Thanks, Jane
  • Ann vaughan
    Mon Mar 08 2021, 16:20
    I am 80 years old....I am moving into my granddaughters home so she can help me...I have fibromyalgia..osteoporosis. Fluid in my legs. at present I have a dead bone in my hip awaiting surgeon for surgery. I can’t walk on right leg therefore I use my walker. Can’t get in tub mysel to bathe as legs don’t hold me..can’t stand up at all so can’t cook clean or laundry...every day chores are to grandaughter will be my in house caregiver..can she receive a income for this sincerely Ann Vaughan
    • JaneVock
      Mon Mar 15 2021, 19:06
      Hi Ann,I am sorry to report that there isn't an income your granddaughter can receive for being your caregiver. I really wish there was.Jane
  • Martha Kahnapace
    Wed Mar 10 2021, 13:05
    Hello I have been caring for my room mate, in whom has dementia for about 7 years now and am only on OAS & CPP widows benefit. Are they any benefits I can apply for?
  • Bobbi-Jean Millwater
    Wed Mar 31 2021, 19:35
    My husband has COPD really bad and can’t do much or walk very fast or far, I was just wondering is there a way for me to become his home caregiver.
    • JaneVock
      Mon Apr 05 2021, 09:38
      Good morning Bobbi-Jean. I presume you are asking whether you can get paid to be your husband's caregiver and I am sorry, but the answer is no. There aren't currently caregiver allowances for partners/spouses in Canada. Sorry to have to report this.