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Finding a home care provider – caregiver tips

If you or someone you care for needs short or long term care for an illness, injury, or to recover from surgery, you may want to consider finding a home care provider. Both in-home and community care services are available to help you.

Home care services can range from health services, such as nursing, personal support, or rehabilitation therapy, to in-home care support such as light housekeeping, and meal preparation or transportation.

It’s important to know what to consider and what questions to ask a home care provider to find the right support for your needs:

  • Determine your specific care needs – e.g., pain management, help with bathing/toileting, housekeeping, emotional support, all of the above?
  • Determine your personal budget.
  • Have you contacted your local health authority?
  • Find out when and where care services are delivered and what you may be covered for, and how you may need to make up the difference.

Home care provider qualifications

  • Is the home care provider fully accredited by Accreditation Canada?
  • Is the home care service provider a member of any industry associations or organizations that strive to ensure their members provide quality services? (e.g., Excellence Canada)?
  • How long has the in-home care provider been providing care services?
  • What services does the care provider offer? Will these services meet your needs now and in the future?
  • What are the qualifications of all those involved including the service provider, case managers and clinical support staff?

Customized care management services

  • The home care service provider should ask what your caregiving needs are and tailor services accordingly.
  • What is the process for evaluating your in-home care needs and developing a care plan? How often is this re-assessed?
  • Are there limitations to the home care provider services? (e.g., can the care provider transport you in his/her own vehicle, do cleaning tasks, administer medications?)
  • Can the home care provider help you in obtaining other services which it does not offer?

Home care provider cost

  • What do in-home care services cost and are they covered?
  • What is the minimum and/or maximum number of visits you can have?
  • Are there taxes to be paid?
  • Is there a waiting list for any of the care services or programs?
  • What if you need to cancel services? Is there a policy?

Health care professionals

  • Can the in-home care provider speak your language and provide culturally sensitive care?
  • Will the same person consistently be providing in-home care or services?
  • Do you have any choice regarding the person who provides your care services?
  • What happens if the staff becomes ill or does not show up?




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