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Elizz Exclusives

Elizz exclusives are limited time products and services by Elizz, co-created with caregivers just like you. Each are designed with the goal to make your life as a family caregiver more manageable, so you can enjoy doing the things you love. These products can be used for you, or gifted to a caregiver you know.

It. Is. Time. Journal
The It.Is.Time. journal helps busy people make time for what matters. It helps you prioritize, make time for self care, and savour the moments that make you smile.
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The Future of Aging
Co-authored by SE Health and Idea Couture, the Future of Aging book presents answers and opportunities to rich and provocative questions related to aging. The book’s five chapters look at the whole person in the context of; community, health, gerontechnology, economic and identity. It explores what it means to age and how we can build a better future of aging.
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Seniors Care & Home Health

Health is a journey and it can take you a lot of places but nothing feels quite like home. SE Health is here to provide seniors with quality care at home when they need it. Whether it’s help with simple tasks or more complex care for your elder parents, partners, or friends, SE Health is here for you.

Home Care Provided by SE Health
SE Health is a trusted Canadian not-for-profit home health care organization providing high-quality care to seniors at home for over 110 years. SE Health offers a wide range of services to seniors from assistance with tasks such as bathing, toileting, dressing, management of medication, feeding and other daily activities as well as more complex care including rehabilitation and nursing care.
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Elizz Coach - Virtual Support for Caregivers
While caregiving can be tremendously rewarding, caregivers can also find themselves feeling stressed, isolated and overwhelmed. If you are a family caregiver, you don’t need to navigate your journey alone. You can get valuable help and support from a caregiver coach. Our Elizz coaches have real life experiences as caregivers and are professionally trained coaches.
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Maple allows you to connect with Canadian doctors and nurse practitioners for online medical care from your phone, tablet or computer in minutes, anytime 24/7.
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Food & Meal Kits

Skip shopping in-store and receive budget-friendly, nutrtious ingredients and meal kits delivered to your doorstep. Cooking for you and someone else can go from a chore to an enjoyable experience.

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh is a meal-kit delivery service to help make home-cooking simple. They deliver everything you need to create delicious dinners from scratch right to your door. They have easy recipes with a variety of options including vegetarian and carb and calorie smart meals to meet dietary needs and preferences.

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Good Food
Everything you need for delicious meals without having to go to the grocery store! Get 3 free meals in your first basket delivered for free right to your doorstep! Enjoy tasty recipes made with farm fresh ingredients from Canada's #1 meal kit.

Wills & Estate Planning

It's never too soon to create an end-of-life care plan, but it sure can be too late. Turn informal wishes and preferences about dying time into a plan for others to honour.

An affordable online estate planning platform that helps Canadians create their will and power of attorney documents online and from the comfort of their homes and can be completed in 20 minutes.
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Canadian LegalWills
Write your own Will from the comfort of your home with Canada's leading online service. Customer support is available every step of the way.
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Funerals, Burials, Cremations, and More

Death is more certain than anything else we can plan for. Ironically, we avoid planning for it. But planning for this can not only help us find peace but can also reduce stress for those who are grieving.

We believe planning a funeral should be the last thing on your mind when you're mourning. Plan an all-inclusive, affordable, direct cremation completely online — all at your convenience.
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Digital Tools: Vaults and Password Managers

Online vaults and password managers help you store important documents and passwords and allow a designate to gain access if you cannot.

1Password is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click.


Social isolation and loneliness is on the rise, especially among older adults. In today’s virtual world, find new ways to connect with family, friends and your communities.

Telus – Mobility for Good for Seniors Program
If you or your loved one is a low-income senior (receiving the Guaranteed Income Support (GIS) benefit), you may be eligible to receive low cost mobile phone plans including wireless data, unlimited Canada wide talk & text and apply for a free refurbished device.
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Rogers – Low Cost Home Internet Program
Rogers Connected for Success program offers high speed low-cost internet services across Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland to seniors and individuals receiving disability and income support.
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Caregiver Apps

Caregiver apps are here and are equipped with many tools to help manage all things caregiving. From appointment and medication reminders, coordinating activities or communicating with family and friends, find one that might help you make your caregiving journey easier.

Care Easy
CareEasy is a free app designed to support those who support others. The easy-to-use mobile app provides family caregivers with the resources and assistance they need to look after their aging loved ones. Features include inviting siblings and other family/friends, sharing expenses and keeping up with one another.
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Pharmacy & Medication Management

Medication management is often cited as one of the largest challenges by caregivers. There are several readily available solutions that can support all aspects of medication management from online refills, medication reminders to home delivery.

Be Well™ App by Rexall
Be Well™ is an app that puts health, wellness and rewards in one place that provides you with personalized offers to help you collect and redeem points as well as make medication management simpler with a direct connection to your Pharmacy.
The Be Well™ app has new & enhanced features specifically for caregivers including an ability to easily submit new prescriptions, get notifications when medication is ready for pick up and access medication history for the person you care for.
Download the free app & get started today.
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