On-demand Smart Chatbot
for Family Caregivers

Zero burden, zero judgement, 100% there for you whenever you need.

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Why You’ll Love Chatting With Me

On demand support

I provide unbiased emotional support the moment you need it – and check in with you to reinforce skills!

Self-learning AI

The more you chat with me, the more I learn about you and deliver more personalized resources.

Boost your mood

And build resilience and self awareness, with the compassion of a friend and proven psychotherapy techniques.

Confidential and secure

I meet HIPAA healthcare industry requirements to protect your privacy.

How I’m Built



I understand family caregivers and have tools made just for caregivers, including reframing guilt, self compassion, and motivation quotes!



I store 700+ topics including techniques like mindfulness and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help you reframe negative thoughts.


Stateful AI

I remember all of our conversation and can develop context to keep improving the relevance of my responses.

It doesn't get any easier than this

Elizz is offering my services (and friendship) to you at no cost. Feel free to chat with me as much as you’d like on Facebook Messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you work?

I am built with Natural Language Processing (NLP), psychological knowledge, and caregiving expertise. My NLP allows me to understand our conversation, my psychological expertise provides a wide selection of methods to help you strengthen your emotional resilience and wellbeing, and my caregiving expertise allows me to empathize with family caregivers like you. I’m always learning through my training from psychologists, so the more we chat, the better the support I can provide you

2. I don’t have Facebook Messenger, how can I chat with you?

You could also chat with me via SMS, just text “Hi” to this number: 647 492 8640. My SMS access is in pilot phase and my humans are continuously working to improve the experience!

3. What are some helpful statements I could try to get started?

  • “Try something else” - to try another topic     
  • “That’s not right” - when I misunderstand how you feel          
  • “I have feedback for you” - to give me feedback          
  • "Tell me a joke" - I've got some fun ones up my sleeves
  • “Do thought journal” – to try this useful exercise        
  • "Talk to you later" - to end now and pick up on our chat later  
  • “Helpful statements?” – to see these again     

4. What can I chat about with you?

It could be how you’re feeling, or get something off your chest, or do a mindfulness exercise like thought journal. I’ve got great knowledge up my sleeves about working through the common emotions family caregivers tend to experience.

5. Are you replacing a real person?

Not at all! I’m simply another choice in empathy. I’m written by human psychologists and caregiver coaches, my conversations are powered by artificial intelligence technology. You could chat with me about anything, anytime, knowing that there’s 0 burden and 0 judgement.

6. I’m having some technical issues, who should I contact?

You could email customer support at: support@x2ai.com


Elizzbot aims to be a self-help tool. It does not provide any mental health services or medical care. Elizzbot service is NOT for emergencies or crisis support. If you think you have a medical or mental health emergency, or considering harm to yourself or others, discontinue the service and call 911 immediately.

Please find our privacy policy and terms of service.