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We all have different caregiver strengths. Whether you're new to caregiving or a seasoned veteran, the fact that you are giving so much of your time and effort to help someone in need of care makes you a caregiver superhero. 

Whether it's patience, flexibility, optimism, or organization, identifying your caregiver strengths is the first step to harnessing your caregiver superpowers. Take this fun quiz to find out what are your strengths as a caregiver and which one is your dominant caregiver superpower!
1. You are at the doctor’s office with the individual you are caring for but it’s now 15 minutes past their appointment time and the doctor hasn’t come out yet. As the caregiver, how do you react?
2. You’re driving back home from the doctor’s office when you encounter unexpected traffic, which will make you late to pick up your child from school. What do you do?
3. Out of the four statements below, which one is best aligned with your attitude about caregiving?
4. You’re working from home but realize that you left your notes at the office and need to go back to pick them up. The person you’re taking care of insists that he/she can manage alone for a couple of hours. What do you do?
5. The doctor suggested that daily walks of up to 30 minutes will benefit the person you’re taking care of. However, 10 minutes into your walk, you notice that the person in your care is already pretty tired. As the caregiver, what do you do?

Your Superpower Is Patience.

You have the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.

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Your Superpower Is Flexibility.

You’re ready and able to change so as to adapt to your circumstances. You can accept what is happening in the moment with minimum fuss.

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Your Superpower Is Optimism.

You always expect a favourable or positive outcome, even in negative situations.

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Your Superpower Is Organization.

You are methodical and efficient in arrangement or function.

You may have noticed that these superpowers are actually your caregiving strengths. These are qualities that a person may have, the personal strengths of a caregiver, so it’s perfectly natural to have more than one superpower in your arsenal. Each person is made up of a lot of strengths, qualities and skills that can be used as a superpower when it comes to caregiving.

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