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Take our Elizz caregiver quiz to get a snapshot of family caregiving in Canada.

1. What is a family caregiver?

Answer: c) A family caregiver provides unpaid health care for anyone, including those outside of their own family, on top of their other responsibilities at home, work, and personal lives.

There are those who make a career by being a paid caregiver in Canada. They may look after the health care needs of one or more clients in a private home, hospital, or assisted living facility. A family caregiver is someone who provides unpaid care for someone, despite having no formal health care training. Some of the caregiving tasks include providing transportation, preparing meals , cleaning the person’s house, doing their laundry, scheduling and coordinating appointments, managing finances, helping with medical treatments, etc.

Anyone, young or old, can be a family caregiver. Learn more with our article, How do you know if you are a caregiver?

2. Approximately how many family caregivers are there in Canada?

Answer: d) 8.1 million

According to Maire Sinha’s report, Portrait of Caregivers, 2012, there were approximately 8.1 million Canadian caregivers aged 15 years and older in 2012. That’s over one-quarter or 28 per cent of Canada’s population!

3. There are more male caregivers in Canada than there are women.

Answer: False

Although the numbers are almost split evenly down the middle, 54 per cent of the Canadian family caregiving population is female while 46 per cent is male.

4. What is the estimated annual value of unpaid work provided by family caregivers in Canada?

Answer: a) $25 billion

This figure was reported by Hollander, Liu, and Chappell in their 2009 article, “Who Cares and How Much? The imputed economic contribution to the Canadian healthcare system of middle-aged and older unpaid caregivers providing care to the elderly”.

5. In 2012, how many young Canadians (15-29 years old) were caregivers for a family member or friend with long-term health care needs?

Answer: c) 2 million

According to Amanda Bleakney, author of “Young Canadians Providing Care”, there were almost 2 million young Canadians caring for a family member or friend.

6. Which province reported having the highest proportion of young caregivers?

Answer: d) Saskatchewan

According to Bleakney, Saskatchewan had the highest provincial rates of caregiving among young people at 38%, followed by Ontario, which had a rate of 31%, while the national average is 27%.

7. Which group of people is most often the recipient of caregiving activities?

Answer: b) Parents

According to Sinha, 48% of family caregivers provide care to their parents or parents-in-law.

8. According to results from the Elizz Service Assessment, how many caregivers have reported that they don’t have time each week for activities outside of caregiving?

Answer: d) 83%

The Elizz Service Assessment is a tool developed to provide us with information about each family caregiver’s unique circumstances so that we can help them gain a better understanding of the Elizz services and supports that might be right for their situation. This helps our Care Solutions Specialists tailor a more customized service plan that best suits the needs of each family caregiver.

9. What percentage of Canadian family caregivers are employed?

Answer: c) 75%

According to data collected from Employment and Social Development Canada, 75% of family caregivers are in the workforce.

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