Family caregiver quiz on hip and knee surgeries

Family caregiver quiz on hip and knee surgeries

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The rising volume of hip and knee replacement procedures in Canada results in a significant impact on health care costs, with some patients experiencing longer wait times for their surgeries. Take our Elizz quiz and test your knowledge about these surgical procedures in Canada!

What are the reasons someone may choose to have a hip or knee replacement?

Answer: e) All of the above

Hip and/or knee pain can affect your quality of life or that of the person in your care. If you or the person you are caring for are experiencing debilitating hip and/or knee pain, please see a health care professional to discuss your treatment options.

Which is the most common diagnosis among people who have hip and knee replacement?

Answer: a) Osteoarthritis

According to the Arthritis Society of Canada, osteoarthritis “Is the result of the body’s failed attempt to repair damaged joint tissues.” Osteoarthritis is the primary diagnosis for over 90 per cent of hip and knee replacements. Learn more about osteoarthritis by clicking on the link above.

What are some things you can do prior to a hip or knee surgery to optimize your recovery?

Answer: f) All of the above

During what timeframe would someone see the most improvement following hip or knee surgery?

Answer: b) Within 6-7 weeks after surgery

Which surgery is more common in Canada?

Answer: a) Hip replacement

There were 4,204 knee replacements and 53,207 hip replacements performed in Canada in 2015-2016.

The best thing you can do after your knee or hip surgery is to rest and do little activity because the joint is very fragile.

Answer: False

To optimize recovery, it is recommended to move around as tolerated. For knee replacements, the most important thing is to bend the knee. For hip replacements, it is to move around. The joint replacement is very strong and secure with an ability to withstand a moderate level of activity. The rehabilitation team would be able to address client-specific needs.

Hip replacements are generally easier to recover from than knee replacements

Answer: True

The knee is one of the most complex joints in our body and many people tend to have a tougher time recovering from a knee replacement than a hip replacement. Individuals who had a knee replacement often present with pain, decrease ability to walk, decrease strength in their knee and swelling, whereas individuals who had a hip replacement often present with stiffness in the hip and decreased strength.

What is the average length of stay in the hospital for a hip or knee surgery in Canada?

Answer: b) 3-4 days

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At Elizz, we provide caregiver support for you and home care services for those who depend on you. Elizz is a Canadian company powered by Saint Elizabeth, a national not-for-profit health care organization that has been caring for Canadians since 1908.

Home care can help people to recover from him and knee surgeries safely and comfortably in their own homes. To find out how Elizz can help, call us at 1-855-275-3549.

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