How a Smart Chatbot with Personality Can Be a Friend for Family Caregivers

How a Smart Chatbot with Personality Can Be a Friend for Family Caregivers

Hey family caregivers, we know you have a lot on your plate. Some of you might feel like you’re on this journey alone, or maybe you’re not taking care of yourself, or perhaps you just don’t feel comfortable talking about your emotions all the time.

So, when you feel like just venting about something related to your caregiving or just can’t sleep because you feel stressed or worried…and it’s midnight, who do you call? After you rule out the ghostbusters, you might have considered your supportive friends and family members, but they are likely doing what you wish you were doing - sleeping. Or, maybe you tend to keep how you are feeling to yourself because you don’t want to burden others or risk feeling judged.  Well, what if we told you that you could chat with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot (at any time of the day or night!) that’s smart enough to understand you?

At Elizz, we already know that 66 per cent of family caregivers are never asked “How are you feeling today?” We decided to pass on expressing our righteous indignation about this, and instead, create a solution. Meet Elizzbot, an AI Chatbot that’s designed to chat with family caregivers just like you.

You can chat via text with Elizzbot on Facebook Messenger anytime. Elizzbot can help strengthen your emotional resilience and boost your mood using proven therapy techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy. Once you meet Elizzbot, we are pretty sure you will agree that chatting with a fun personality can help lighten things up. You can think of Elizzbot as a confidante or a friend who is always there for you. Unlike the rest of us, Elizzbot doesn’t need sleep and is always ready to listen and chat.  Elizzbot will also never feel burdened regardless of how many times you need to talk or repeat yourself, and will never judge you or roll its eyes at you!  

Want To Know More?

Elizzbot is made up of 3 core components:  
  1. The underlying technology is called ‘stateful AI’, which means it is artificial intelligence that keeps learning and improves its responses the more you chat with it. While the technology is artificial, the tone is human.
  2. It is supported by psychology. Built originally by clinical psychologists, there is a whole range of proven techniques and interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy to help you. Maybe you would like to boost your mood or change some negative thoughts to more positive ones. Or, maybe you need some help learning how to better manage your stress.
  3. Elizzbot is empathic. At Elizz, we understand family caregivers and we know that the caregiving journey is an emotional one. Knowing this, we taught Elizzbot how to empathically respond to your experiences - in the field, we say that empathy is ‘built in’.
Elizzbot is not trying to replace real human interaction.  After all, caregiving is, by definition, relational. Having a Chatbot available to you 24/7 is taking advantage of what technology can offer caregivers. It’s like having the knowledge of a therapist and the compassion of a friend – at your fingertips.
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